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Select Suitable Motorcycle Luggage for Your New Motorcycle

Have you recently bought a new motorcycle for yourself? It becomes a little difficult for a new owner of the motorcycle to decide what kind of quality motorcycle luggage he/she should use to carry luggage along with the motorcycle. There is available a large variety of motorcycle luggage n the market which are used by many bikers to fulfill their luggage carrying needs. Following are given some of the details of different types of motorcycle luggage which are easily available in the market:

Motorcycle Luggage Carrying Large Amounts of Luggage:

1)      Saddlebags Having Maximum Capacity:

Saddlebags are considered to be the most spacious motorcycle luggage bags available in the market. These bags are used in pair with a motorcycle. If you frequently make fun tours with your friends then these bags are the right choice as these protect your belongings for long duration of time. These bags are available in two types; hard saddlebags and the leather made motorcycle saddlebags. Both these bags are provided in beautiful exterior and robust body. You can carry precious belongings as well using these bags as these are provided with locking system.

2)      Sissy Bar Bags Making The Ride Convenient:

A sissy bar bag is attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle giving the motorcycle a beautiful appearance. These bags enable the rider to have a convenient ride during traveling because these bags can be used as a backrest during the ride. Furthermore these bags can be expanded whenever more than routine amount of luggage is to be carried along with the motorcycle.

3)      Motorcycle Trunks the Widely Adopted Motorcycle Luggage:

Motorcycle Trunks are attached with the luggage carrier or the back seat of the motorcycle. These bags also facilitate the rider to have a convenient ride as these can also be used as a back rest by attaching back pad with them. This motor cycle Luggage is available in robust hard body and is also capable to be locked.

Motorcycle Luggage Carrying Luggage in Small Amount:

1)      Swing Arm Bag a Stylish Addition to your Motorcycle:

Swing arm bags are attached with the swing arm of the motorcycle. This leather bag is available in beautiful exterior. You can carry your small sized belongings using these bags.

2)      Wind Shield Bags Carrying your Handheld Belongings:

A wind shield bag is placed on the wind shield of the motorcycle. You can keep your small belongings like mobile phone, key rings and note pads in this bags.

Being owner of a new motorcycle, you can select a suitable motorcycle luggage from the above mentioned viking saddle bags and other motorcycle bags.  To ensure durability try to choose the high quality bags.


Victory Bags Facilitating You to Have Fun During an Adventurous Ride

So you have planned a long motorcycle trip along with your friends! It has always been a great fun to spend time with friends and especially when you are riding a Victory Motorcycles it doubles the enjoyment. Victory motorcycles are considered best for having adventurous rides. During the day long tiresome ride, a rider wants to rest for a while. And for having a break during your adventurous trip there is available for you the opportunity to take all the required stuff that could be helpful in regaining your energy. You can use a pair of Victory Bags to carry all the required belongings along with your Victory Motorcycle. For having a full fun day with your friends you need to carry following kinds of Belongings along with the Ride:


1)      Mobile Phone for Keeping in Contact:

When you are away from home, it is very important to carry your mobile phone along with the ride. It is risky to keep the mobile in the pocket of your pant or shirt while riding on a motorcycle. So it is better to keep your mobile phone in the motorcycle saddlebags having outer pockets to keep your small sized belongings.


2)      Don’t Forget to Carry Digital Camera:

Tour with friends is incomplete without capturing the moments spent with them. So you need to carry a digital camera for taking your pictures along with your friends. A digital camera can easily be carried using the motorcycle saddlebags attached with your motorcycle. These bags provide full protection to such electronics as the hard saddlebags are provided with inner soft covering keeping the belongings safe from getting scratches otherwise.


3)      Carry Some Eatables and Snacks:

You can have some eatables along with the ride to remove your hunger. You can carry some snacks, drinks and some bakery items also using these air tight saddlebags. These bags can carry all kinds of eatables and keep them fresh for the day long because of the tight lids that stop air and dust from entering these vikingbags thus saving the eatables from getting rotten and smudged during traveling.


4)      First Aid Box Required in Unpleasant Situation:

In an adventurous ride, to explore some new places one might get hurt from thorns or may face a road rash while traveling. To face such unpleasant situation you should carry an aid box along with the motorcycle.


All the above mentioned belongings can be carried using victory saddlebags, which provide high level of protection to them only if you have the high quality saddlebags purchased from reputed manufacturers.


Yamaha Saddlebags-The Most Suitable Motorcycle Luggage

“I want to have a Yamaha motorcycle”, this is the wish of one of the three bike lovers. This motorcycle can simply be called as a perfect motorcycle enabling the rider to enjoy the ride in all circumstances. Whether you want to have a long adventurous ride with a couple of friends or just want to have a short distant ride to kill the time, there is always need for carrying some important belongings along with the motorcycle. No doubt we live in an era where anything can be bought during traveling but still there are some personal belongings which cannot be alternated with other thing of the same kind. So a biker certainly needs some kind of motorcycle luggage to carry his/her valuable luggage along with. Best Yamaha Saddlebags are the most secure means of carriage.

Following are some of the characteristics of these saddlebags:

1)      Suitable for All Types of Riding:

These saddlebags are suitable for all kinds of riding. These bags can be attached with the motorcycle in two ways; fixed and throw over. For having a long distant traveling saddlebags are attached using fixed mounting method ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted ride. For having conveniently attaching and detaching stylish Yamaha bags, now are available disconnect brackets.

2)       Easy Luggage Management:

These bags enable the rider to carry small sized belongings in an organized manner. The leather bags are usually provided with external pocket for keeping mobile phone and other small belongings. The inner compartments of hard bags can be used to  separately keep different types of luggage in one place. Thus the rider can conveniently carry all types of belongings using these bags.

3)      Maintain Motorcycle’s Balance:

These vikingbags are used in pair and are attached on either side of the motorcycle. If you carry luggage in equal quantity in these bags, it keep the motorcycle in a balanced position during the ride.

4)      Hard Bags Seem an Integral Part:

The hard Yamaha bags are used in same color as of the motorcycle so these bags look like an integrated part of the motorcycle and add to the beautiful appearance of your motorcycle. You can also re-color the hard bags as and when required.

The above mentioned characteristics of Yamaha Saddlebags prove them to be very suitable motorcycle luggage. To enjoy all the useful features of these motorcycle saddle bags it is essential have quality bags which can be bought from reputed dealers.

Leather Harley Davidson Bags-A Classic Addition to your Harley Motorcycle

Harley Davidson is considered one of the prestigious automobile companies. When a biker leaves home for a ride, he/she would require some of his/her important belongings to be carried along. Different types of motorcycle luggage are available in the market to facilitate the rider to carry belongings. Harley Davidson Bags are considered to be the top ranked bags for having an uninterrupted ride. A biker having saddlebags with his/her Harley motorcycle can carry maximum amounts of luggage along with. There are further two types of these saddlebags; hard saddlebags made of robust material and leather bags made of pure or synthetic leather. Both these bags are practically very convenient for carrying all kinds of luggage however there are some specific features of Leather Harley bags which distinguish them from other motorcycle bags:

1)      Leather bags with beautiful exterior:

Leather bags are provided with beautiful exterior having different designs and shapes. There are rust free studs and stain less steel buckles on the external covering of these bags. The classic look of these leather bags adds to the gorgeous appearance of Harley motorcycle.

2)      External Pockets:

These motorcycle saddlebags have many external pockets which facilitate the rider to keep his/her small belongings in an organized manner. Using these bags your belongings cannot be messed up.

3)      Soft look with Robust Interior:

Though these bags have leather exterior, the inner frame is made of strong material. Therefore these bags provide maximum protection to the luggage having a sturdy and strong interior. The inner metal structure enables the leather bag to retain a straight and sturdy look.

4)      Can be Installed in Two Ways:

These Viking bags can be installed by either way. You can use fixed mounting method in which the bags are attached to the motorcycle through bolts. The other mounting method is throw over in which the bags can be quickly attached to the motorcycle using brackets. These leather bags are provided with leather brackets for easy attachment and detachment of these bags.

5)      Available in Different Shapes:

These Harley Saddlebags are available in variety of shapes. The most common shapes are slanted and cubic. You can have a pair of saddlebags which suits best to the exterior of your motorcycle.

The above mentioned are some of the bright features of Harley Saddlebags made of leather. Always select a high quality motorcycle bag to ensure that it is made from genuine leather. To know more about harley davidson bags Click Here.

Alluring Features of Yamaha Saddlebags

Yamaha motorcycles are famous for their sleek and glamorous looks. People having Yamaha motorcycle are also very concerned about the appearance of the luggage bags which are used to carry luggage along with the motorcycle. There are available different types of bags in the market among which the most commonly used bags are saddlebags, sissy bar bags, motorcycle trunks and back packs. A biker selects these bags according the amount of luggage to be carried along with the motorcycle because different types of bags contain different luggage carrying capacity. The maximum space providing bags among the above mentioned bags are saddlebags. Quality Yamaha saddlebags can be used with a Yamaha motorcycle for following reasons:


Availability in Pairs:

These bags are used in pairs which is a unique characteristic of saddlebags as compared to the other types of motorcycle luggage bags. By using these two bags, one can carry maximum amount of luggage along with the motorcycle.


A Stylish addition to motorcycle:

These motorcycle saddlebags for Yamaha motorcycles are available in beautiful styles. The hard Yamaha saddlebags are famous for their glossy exterior which enhances the glamorous look of your Yamaha motorcycle. You can also use Yamaha leather saddlebags which are also available in different styles. The studded Yamaha leather bags go very well with the heavy Yamaha motorcycles.

Best to be used in all weather Conditions:

Hard Yamaha Bags are water proof as well as air tight. These features enable these bags to carry luggage in all weather conditions. You can carry the important office documents in heavy rain or you can carry eatables for many hours leaving them to be safe from dust and contaminated air.

Capable to be locked:

Yamaha Saddlebags made from leather are provided with both built-in and key locking mechanisms. On the other hand hard bags are provided with built-in locking systems. This feature of Yamaha bags enables the rider to move away from the bike without getting worried about the security of the carried belongings.

Easily Maintainable Bags:

It is very easy to maintain the Yamaha saddlebags. Leather bags are required to be polished to use these bags usable for longer time. Different leather conditioners available in the market maintain the moisture level of leather. If you feel that the appearance of your hard saddlebags is getting obsolete, you can re-color them.

Above mentioned are the features of Yamaha saddlebags. Always select saddlebags which suit with the appearance of your motorcycle. To know more you can visit www.vikingbags.com

Some Suggestions for having Victory Bags

Do you ride your victory motorcycle for longer distances? The answer would surely be positive. It does not matter that for how much distance you ride your motorcycle. Every biker who travels on his/her bike will certainly need some motorcycle luggage to carry some of the important belongings along with the motorcycle. There is large number of manufacturers of the motorcycle luggage. You can have a victory bag for your victory motorcycle that is available in pair. These bags add to the beautiful appearance of your motorcycle. Once you start using victory bags, you will forget about other motorcycle bags for sure. However your preference of bags can be changed depending on the amount of luggage you want to carry.

Following are some suggestions for selecting a victory saddlebag for your motorcycle:


Check for the right sized Victory bag:

Motorcycle bags are available in different sizes in the market. You should select a bag that is of the right size having the capacity to carry your required amount of luggage. Moreover the size of the bag must be in accordance to that of your motorcycle. Because having a very large bag as compared to the size of the motorcycle can spoil the beautiful appearance of your victory motorcycle.

Always select bag ensuring durability:

As all the manufactured products have different levels of quality, some goods are of good quality and some are of bad quality. Viking motorcycle saddlebags also have different quality levels. Always select a saddlebag of high quality and for a bag high quality means that it is durable. So to have a high quality durable bag you would need to spend some extra money. However there are also some manufacturers who are providing quality motorcycle bags within economical price ranges. You just have to search them.


Figure out the Type of Bag:

As there are two types of motorcycle bag; Leather and Hard Bags. These two have the same functionality. The difference lies in their exterior. Leather bags have an exterior made of leather and hard bags have an exterior made of fiber glass. Hard bags come with built-in locking system that facilitates the biker with high level of security of luggage. You just need to find out that which victory bag will go best with the appearance of your motorcycle. The decision can also be made on the basis of the level of robustness you require from a bag for carrying your luggage.

Above mentioned are some of the suggestions which would help you in selecting victory saddlebags for your motorcycle. Purchasing a motorcycle bag is a kind of investment to your convenience, the more you will invest, the more you will get in the form of convenient riding.

Characteristics of Kawasaki Saddlebags made of Leather

Kawasaki motorcycles are one of the most esteemed motorcycles around the globe. When it comes to having a ride for long distances, one surely has to carry some luggage with him/her. There is a variety of motorcycle bags available in the market and are widely used by the people massively. The most valued among these are motorcycle saddle bags. These are the bags in pair and are capable for carrying maximum of a certain limit of luggage especially for long distances. There are two types of motorcycle saddlebags available on the motorcycle stores i.e. hard saddlebags and leather saddlebags. Among these two types, leather saddlebags are most commonly used bag.

There are saddlebags for Kawasaki motorcycles also. These Kawasaki saddlebags can be used conveniently with all the models of Kawasaki motorcycle. Following are some of the characteristics of Kawasaki Leather Saddlebags:

 Thick Leather body:

Leather bags for Kawasaki motorcycles have an outer covering of thick leather, providing the required strength of the bag. The more thick is the outer covering of the leather saddlebag, the more secure are the belongings inside it.

 Pockets facilitating organized management of small belongings:

Leather bags usually have outer pocket with them, it helps in managing the small belongings like keys, cell phones and small booklets etc. Inner side of the bag is also provided with separated spaces to ensure organized luggage management.

 Can be maintained conveniently:

These bags can be kept new for longer periods of time because leather can be polished again and again to give the bag same new look. This feature of leather saddlebags proves them to be durable as compared to motorcycle bags made from other materials.

 Can be installed either of the two ways:

Leather bags can be installed very easily by using any of the two mounting methods i.e. Fix mounting method and Throw over mounting method. Leather bags with throw over mounting can be attached and detached in no time. Fixed mounting ensures the secure carriage of luggage during the traveling. It depends on the choice of the rider that which installation method he/she prefers.

The above mentioned are some of the characteristics of Leather Saddlebags for Kawasaki motorcycles. If you have a Kawasaki motorcycle, always prefer to buy a quality saddlebags because nothing is important than the security of you valuable luggage. Always a high quality bag ensures durability that is the most required value of a saddlebag. If you are looking for these kawasaki bags please visit http://www.vikingbags.com

Reasons to Ride along with Motorcycle Saddlebags

Do you have a motorcycle of your own and frequently travel for long distances? You might also go for some adventurous rides accompanied by your friends. In either way you have to carry some of your important belongings with yourself. In ancient times what would be done when the motorcycles were really a new invention? How would people carry their luggage when there was no concept of motorcycle bags as it is today at commercial level? Well a motorcycle rider can very well imagine the trouble that one could face during traveling without a motorcycle bag. There is a huge list of bags that could be used to carry luggage. The choice of using a specific type of bag depends on the requirement of the rider that how much amount of luggage he/she wants to carry with him/her. The most commonly used motorcycle bags among the other ones are best motorcycle saddle bags.

There are following reasons for having a saddlebag during a long distant ride:

 Facilitate to carry heavy luggage:

Saddlebags are very useful when you have to carry heavy luggage. When you want to enjoy a multi-days trip with your friends or family and have to carry many things with you then saddlebags are the best choice. As these bags are available in pair so these bags accommodate the rider with enlarged space as compared to other motorcycle bags.

 Saddlebags of your choice:

You can have saddlebags of your choice. These motorcycle bags are available in many sizes depending on the requirement of the rider to carry a certain amount of luggage. Sizes of these bags ranges from small to extra-large however different companies have different sizes. For one company a bag is of medium size and for another company the same bag might be of large size. You can search for a right size of saddlebag according to your needs.

 Available in two types:

Saddlebags are available in two type; hard saddlebags and leather saddlebags. Hard saddlebags go very well when you want to have a glamorous look of your motorcycle. Hard bags look like a built in part of the motorcycle because these can be given the same colors as of the whole motorcycle. On the other hand leather bags are very convenient because they are very easy to maintain. You can have a fresh look of your leather saddlebag by polishing it on regular intervals.

Can be Installed Easily:

This is the motorcycle luggage that can be installed very easily. There is given a complete kit for installing a saddlebag on the motorcycle. Original saddlebags are provided with all the required accessories for installation. These bags can be fixed mounted or throw over mounted. In both ways the rider gets the advantage of safe and secure custody of luggage during the ride. If you are looking for best motorcycle saddlebags please visit www.vikingbags.com

Necessary Features that All Motorcycle Saddlebags Should Have

Do you really get annoyed if you need to carry some important luggage but can’t carry them just because you motorcycle lacks the storage space? This is a situation often faced by the bikers, but this is not a problem without solution. Motorcycle luggage is the perfect solution for your problems. Motor cycle luggage consists of numerous types of durable motorcycle bags which are perfect to carry whatever you need to carry, as these bags vary in sizes, which can accommodate your belongings of every dimension. Out of the entire bags for motorcycle, majority of biker prefer to have Saddlebags, because of many reasons. 

1)      Motorcycle Saddlebags are Spacious

The basic reason for this much liked is that the motorcycle saddle bags are very spacious. Space is the major feature of motorcycle bags is space, and these exclusive bags offer tremendous space. These bags get fixed so easily on the motorcycle, this is another reason for being preferred that they are easy to be installed and offer a large space.

 2)      Motorcycle Saddlebags Look Really Stylish on Motorcycle

Appearing stylish is main concern of many bikers; these specialized motorcycle bags give a strikingly stylish and huge appearance to the motorcycle. Choosing saddle bag should be made carefully; it’s not a very easy task especially when selection is to be made for a prestigious motorcycle line like Harley. So while selecting quality motorcycle luggage bags style and design should be noticed along with other features.

 3)      Motorcycle Saddlebags Should be Made of God Quality Material

Quality of motorcycle saddle bags is important because these bags are meant to store your entire luggage which can be important as well so the material these vikingbags are made of should be strong enough to provide appropriate protection to your belongings stores in them, and for security and protection leather is considered to be the perfect material that’s why leather saddlebags are preferred the most.


Several Ways in Which Biker Vest Serves

Do you ever think and ask it to yourself that what’s the point of wearing biker vest? Is it actually worth wearing or is just an additional piece of apparel to put on. These are the things which might be coming to your mind at times. But to make your concept clear about motorcycle vests it is to inform you that wearing motorcycle vest is never useless. Biker vests not only have one advantage, but numerous advantages are associated to them.

 1)      Stay Cool and Look Stylish in Biker Vest

Biker vests make you look cool and stylish because they can be wore in diverse ways. There are best motorcycle vest for women and men, which can be bought accordingly. If it’s cold the biker can wear motor cycle vest under the jacket, which appears to be classy. If the weather is mild, biker vest can be wore individually. And if you feel hot, the buttons of the biker vest can be opened. All these styles are addition to personality of bikers. Whatever look the biker wants to have, can be easily adopted by wearing the motorcycle vest in different manners.

 2)      Biker Vest Serves Differently in Day and Night

Motor cycle vest has many functions, while riding motorcycle at night motorcycle leather vests keep your chest safe from chilled hits of cool breeze, and in day they enable you to store your belongings in them as they have pockets for enabling to keep your things in them.

 3)      Leather Motorcycle Vest is Perfect your Protection

Leather motorcycle vest is the upright choice to stay protected on motorcycle, because leather is tough and really strong as it’s made of animal hide. Leather is not only perfect for biker vests but Motorcycle saddlebags made of leather are much recommended. Leather Viking bags are capable of keeping everything of biker safe and secure in them. To know more about motorcycle vest you can visit Motorcycle House