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Victory Saddlebags-The Right Choice for your Victory Motorcycle

Victory Motorcycles are considered to be very important means of traveling. You can have a convenient long distant traveling using these motorcycles. Indian motorcycles have beautiful colored exterior as compared to other motorcycles. There are different models of Indian motorcycles available in the market. Some kinds of motorcycle bags are used to carry luggage on these motorcycle bags. Victory Saddlebags are considered the best means of carrying luggage along with Victory Motorcycles. These motorcycle bags come in beautiful exterior and are very suitable for your victory motorcycle. Following are given some characteristics of Victory Saddlebags:

1)      Capable to be Used for Maximum Security of Luggage:

These motorcycle bags provide maximum security to the luggage of the rider. These bags are used in pairs thus provide maximum space to the carried luggage. The inner soft covering of the hard saddlebags protect the belongings of the rider from getting scratches from the walls of the hard bags.

2)      Useful in all Weather Conditions:

Both the hard and leather saddlebags are very useful to carry luggage in all weather conditions. This leather made luggage bags for motorcycle are provided with rain covers for saving the belongings from getting wet in rain. The hard bags are made from fiber glass that provides full protection to the luggage in case of having a road accident.

3)      Capable to be used For Longer Periods of Time:

These saddlebags are very useful to be used for longer periods of time. These bags are capable to be maintained very easily which result in the increase of life of these bags. The leather bags are kept maintained by using leather products like cleaners and conditioners. The hard bags can be painted in any color for renovating them.

4)      Availability in Different Styles:

Victory bags are available in variety of shapes and designs. Leather made bags give a smooth and classic look to your motorcycle. The cubic and slanted shaped saddlebags are widely adopted saddlebags. Stain less steel buckles and studs on the leather made saddlebags are widely adopted leather motorcycle bags. The customizable hard saddlebags are also available in different colors giving your motorcycle an overall integrated appearance.

5)      Lockable Saddlebags Enable the Rider to Carry Delicate Belongings:

These motorcycle bags are available in built-in locking mechanism which enables the riders to carry delicate belongings along with the motorcycle. These bags are very useful for carrying luggage having long distant rides.

Above given characteristics of Victory Saddlebags prove these bags best to be used for carrying luggage. Always try to have quality vikingbags for using them for longer periods of time.

Select Suitable Motorcycle Luggage for Your New Motorcycle

Have you recently bought a new motorcycle for yourself? It becomes a little difficult for a new owner of the motorcycle to decide what kind of quality motorcycle luggage he/she should use to carry luggage along with the motorcycle. There is available a large variety of motorcycle luggage n the market which are used by many bikers to fulfill their luggage carrying needs. Following are given some of the details of different types of motorcycle luggage which are easily available in the market:

Motorcycle Luggage Carrying Large Amounts of Luggage:

1)      Saddlebags Having Maximum Capacity:

Saddlebags are considered to be the most spacious motorcycle luggage bags available in the market. These bags are used in pair with a motorcycle. If you frequently make fun tours with your friends then these bags are the right choice as these protect your belongings for long duration of time. These bags are available in two types; hard saddlebags and the leather made motorcycle saddlebags. Both these bags are provided in beautiful exterior and robust body. You can carry precious belongings as well using these bags as these are provided with locking system.

2)      Sissy Bar Bags Making The Ride Convenient:

A sissy bar bag is attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle giving the motorcycle a beautiful appearance. These bags enable the rider to have a convenient ride during traveling because these bags can be used as a backrest during the ride. Furthermore these bags can be expanded whenever more than routine amount of luggage is to be carried along with the motorcycle.

3)      Motorcycle Trunks the Widely Adopted Motorcycle Luggage:

Motorcycle Trunks are attached with the luggage carrier or the back seat of the motorcycle. These bags also facilitate the rider to have a convenient ride as these can also be used as a back rest by attaching back pad with them. This motor cycle Luggage is available in robust hard body and is also capable to be locked.

Motorcycle Luggage Carrying Luggage in Small Amount:

1)      Swing Arm Bag a Stylish Addition to your Motorcycle:

Swing arm bags are attached with the swing arm of the motorcycle. This leather bag is available in beautiful exterior. You can carry your small sized belongings using these bags.

2)      Wind Shield Bags Carrying your Handheld Belongings:

A wind shield bag is placed on the wind shield of the motorcycle. You can keep your small belongings like mobile phone, key rings and note pads in this bags.

Being owner of a new motorcycle, you can select a suitable motorcycle luggage from the above mentioned viking saddle bags and other motorcycle bags.  To ensure durability try to choose the high quality bags.


Hard Saddlebags Safe Guarding the Luggage for Sure

No doubt a motorcycle is a means of having some adventure in leisure time as well as is a source of fast traveling. A rider has to carry some of his/her important belongings along with to make the ride convenient. Motorcycle luggage facilitates the rider to carry his/her important belongings. Motorcycle luggage is available in wide variety in the market. The most popular are the saddlebags made of fiber glass. These hard saddlebags are made to provide maximum protection to the carried luggage. Below are given some of the important features of these saddlebags:


1)      Have Sturdy Exterior:

These motorcycle bags are made with strong materials like fiber glass, ABS plastic and polyester. These materials keep the luggage safe in case of a road accident. The inner soft covering of hard bags also provided protection to the delicate belongings from colliding with the walls of the bags. Inner compartments enable the rider to have an organized luggage management saving the time and effort of the rider in finding the mismanaged belongings.


2)      Provided With Locking System:

These Viking Bags are provided with locking system ensuring the safe carriage of luggage during the ride. The built-in locking system keeps the luggage safe from unauthorized access. This feature enables the rider to carry his/her precious and valuable belongings also. The rider can move away from the motorcycle without getting worried about the security of the belongings.


3)      Customizable As Per Biker’s Choice:

The saddlebags hard enough to be broken can be given a customized look as and when required. The paint-able hard saddlebags can be given a favorite color of the rider’s choice. Hard saddlebags with matching color to that of the motorcycle are easily available in the market.


4)      Easy and Quick Installation:

The hard saddlebags can be attached with the motorcycle through quick and convenient installation method. The throw over mounting method allows the rider to attach and detach the saddlebags from the disconnect brackets in no time. It saves the time of the rider when he wants to detach these hard bags for renovation or any other purpose.


5)      Capable to Carry Luggage in All Weather Conditions:

This motorcycle luggage can carry luggage in all weather conditions. These bags are air tight and water proof enabling the rider to carry his/her delicate belongings. You can carry important documents and electronic goods through these saddlebags.


Above features of hard bags depict usefulness these bags are to carry all kinds of luggage during a ride. For more details Click Here.

Motorcycle Jackets for Women-Some Suggestions at the Time of Purchase

Motorcycle riding is not confined to only men, lot of women are also fond of motorcycle riding. Keeping into consideration women riders, women motorcycle apparels are also available in wide variety in the market. These apparels include women jackets for motorcycle   , pants, vests, gloves and lot more. All these apparels are of utmost importance to be worn during a motorcycle ride however motorcycle jackets are considered at the top of the list. The reason is jacket keeps the upper body part of the rider secure during the ride. It becomes very difficult to choose a perfect motorcycle jacket from a wide variety. For the ease of the rider following are given some suggestions which should be considered to have a perfect women motorcycle jacket:

1)      Be Sure About the Rightly Sized Jacket:

Before deciding to have a particular jacket, make sure that it is of the right size according to your body. The sleeves of the jackets should be of full length, the length of the jacket should not be too short or too long. Jackets with a feature to be attached to the motorcycle pant are now available in the market. If you want to ride a motorcycle, these attachable motorcycles Jackets are the best choice.



2)      Fitting of the Jacket should be Perfect:

Fitting of the motorcycle jacket is very important to be considered in respect of having a comfortable ride. If you are wearing a very tight motorcycle jacket, it might become a cause of distraction during the ride. On the other hand, fitting must be loosening to an extent that allows you to wear some warm cloths under the jacket during traveling in winters or cold areas.

3)      Choose Material Which could be Worn in all Weather Conditions:

Leather jackets are the commonly used motorcycle jackets just like the leather made Viking Bags. There are other materials also, like nylon, polyester and plastic etc. You can select a leather jacket with removable linings. These linings enable the rider to wear this jacket in all seasons. During summers the linings can be removed to have a thin leather jackets and the reverse can be done in winters.

4)      Prefer a Secure Jacket over Stylish One:

The main purpose of wearing a motorcycle jacket is to have a secure drive just like best motorcycle luggage used to securely carry belongings of the rider. Although a variety of stylish motorcycle jackets are available in the market but priority should be given to security first than to the stylish looks. However there are many jackets which combine style and security in the same product. To know more about these products dont forget to visit www.motorcyclehouse.com/motorcycle-jackets.htm


Motorcycle Luggage-Two Commonly used Types

Motorcycle is considered as one of the adventurous means of traveling. Ride on your motorcycle and go anywhere you want to. Where there is an ease to ride on a motorcycle, there are also some demerits of it. You have to wear proper security clothing for riding a motorcycle because motorcycle is not a secure ride as compared to cars and covered vehicles. In case if the motorcycle rider faces any accident, he/she could get serious injuries in case he/she is not wearing motorcycle apparels. Moreover motorcycle does not provide any space for carrying luggage along with. For this purpose the rider has to use motorcycle luggage which is available in the market in a large variety.

Following are brief descriptions about the characteristics and functionality of the two commonly used motorcycle luggage bags:


Sissy Bar bags:

Sissy Bar bag is attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle. These bags are very convenient to be used because these bags can be expanded with the help of straps as well as serve as a back rest for the other person on the motorcycle. Wheels can also be attached to these bags for easy mobility. These bags can also be used as shoulder bags by attaching shoulder straps with them. The opening of the bag is made horizontal for easily taking the things in and out of the bag. These vikingbags are also provided with a number of compartments and separations helping in keeping the small things in an organized manner. These bags are very durable and can be easily attached and detached from the motorcycle whenever required.

Motorcycle Saddlebags:

Motorcycle Saddlebags are used in pairs and are the widely used motorcycle luggage. These bags enable the biker to carry large amount of luggage along with him/her. These bags are compatible with motorcycles of all brands like Kawasaki bags are available for Kawasaki motorcycles and Honda bags for Honda motorcycles. Some of the Saddlebags have universal fitting means these bags can be used with motorcycles of all brands. These bags have two main types; Leather bags and hard bags. Leather bags are made of pure or synthetic leather. These bags have external pockets and also come with throw over leather brackets which help in easy removal of these bags from the motorcycle. The Hard Bags are made of fiber glass having very strong exterior. These can be attached to the motorcycle using disconnect brackets.

Above mentioned are the two most widely adopted types of motorcycle luggage. Before purchasing motor cycle luggage of any type make sure that these are of high quality and the seller is of good reputation.

Selection of Biker Jackets-Some Measures

Motorcycle jackets are one of the top listed motorcycle apparels when it comes to riding a motorcycle. There are many other apparels too which are of utmost importance but biker jackets from motorcycle house are the most widely used apparels which are considered as a symbol of style as well as a means of security. Riding on a motorcycle in itself is a stylish activity and one has to maintain a stylish personality to look fit into this glamorous riding. Motorcycle jackets are also very important to be used for having a secure ride. Before selecting a motorcycle jacket, one should take into consideration the following points because it is a matter of your security and style as well:


Purpose to wear motorcycle jacket:

First the rider should be clear that whether he/she wants to wear a motorcycle jacket for the purpose of security or for just having a stylish look. Now days there are jackets which fulfill both the above mentioned requirements. There are available highly secured jackets with beautiful and stylish looks. The high quality leather jackets with stylish cuts and designs also provide high level of security. It depends entirely on the quality of the material used in the jacket. Womens Motorcycle Jackets are also available in the market in a variety of designs and colors.


Leather Jackets are best for security:


If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket for having a secure ride then leather jackets are the right choice for you. Leather is very tough material which is made from animal hide. There are leather jackets with removable linings. You can add or remove these linings according to the weather conditions. But the more thick a leather jacket would be, the more protect the rider would be because thick leather resists more in case of a road rash.


Select to the Weather Conditions which to be ride in:

Before selecting a certain type of jacket consider the weather conditions in which you have to travel on your motorcycle. As the leather jackets are mostly liked by the bikers but it would not be suitable to wear them in warm weather conditions because leather gets heated very easily and also is not breathable. Thick Leather jackets are best to be used in cold weather conditions. If you live in a highly hot area, where the temperatures remain very high during the day, then you should go for mesh jackets. These jackets are made for providing the rider with ventilation facility. The air flows inside the jacket and the rider does not feel packed inside.

You can have a matching motorcycle jacket with the motorcycle luggage you use. If leather bags are used, leather jackets would go very well.


Reasons to Ride along with Motorcycle Saddlebags

Do you have a motorcycle of your own and frequently travel for long distances? You might also go for some adventurous rides accompanied by your friends. In either way you have to carry some of your important belongings with yourself. In ancient times what would be done when the motorcycles were really a new invention? How would people carry their luggage when there was no concept of motorcycle bags as it is today at commercial level? Well a motorcycle rider can very well imagine the trouble that one could face during traveling without a motorcycle bag. There is a huge list of bags that could be used to carry luggage. The choice of using a specific type of bag depends on the requirement of the rider that how much amount of luggage he/she wants to carry with him/her. The most commonly used motorcycle bags among the other ones are best motorcycle saddle bags.

There are following reasons for having a saddlebag during a long distant ride:

 Facilitate to carry heavy luggage:

Saddlebags are very useful when you have to carry heavy luggage. When you want to enjoy a multi-days trip with your friends or family and have to carry many things with you then saddlebags are the best choice. As these bags are available in pair so these bags accommodate the rider with enlarged space as compared to other motorcycle bags.

 Saddlebags of your choice:

You can have saddlebags of your choice. These motorcycle bags are available in many sizes depending on the requirement of the rider to carry a certain amount of luggage. Sizes of these bags ranges from small to extra-large however different companies have different sizes. For one company a bag is of medium size and for another company the same bag might be of large size. You can search for a right size of saddlebag according to your needs.

 Available in two types:

Saddlebags are available in two type; hard saddlebags and leather saddlebags. Hard saddlebags go very well when you want to have a glamorous look of your motorcycle. Hard bags look like a built in part of the motorcycle because these can be given the same colors as of the whole motorcycle. On the other hand leather bags are very convenient because they are very easy to maintain. You can have a fresh look of your leather saddlebag by polishing it on regular intervals.

Can be Installed Easily:

This is the motorcycle luggage that can be installed very easily. There is given a complete kit for installing a saddlebag on the motorcycle. Original saddlebags are provided with all the required accessories for installation. These bags can be fixed mounted or throw over mounted. In both ways the rider gets the advantage of safe and secure custody of luggage during the ride. If you are looking for best motorcycle saddlebags please visit www.vikingbags.com

Simple Way to Select Perfect Motorcycle Luggage for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle luggage is not limited to one or two types of motorcycle bags, it includes numerous types of bags, which are meant to provide convenience to the biker in diversified manners. As there are many types of motorcycle bags luggage any one can easily get confused which one to select and which one to drop, because they all have their own specific functions and they app appear to be so appealing that dropping any motorcycle bags seems to be difficult. But following some guidelines eases up for you to decide that which is perfect bag to couple up with your prestigious motorcycle. These guidelines are given below:

1)      Identify How Long Your Travelling is Going to Be

This is important to decide that how long your journey is going to be.  Because there are certain things which you need to carry along while traveling over long distances and these things might not be required while traveling over short distances. So before buying any bag out of the entire motorcycle luggage keep this in mind that lengthy will be your journey.

2)      How Much Content You Need to Carry Along

Different bikers have different biking habits many bikers are in habit of not carrying a lot of things along. On the other hand there are many bikers who like to carry everything important or even unimportant thing along so knowing how much luggage is needed to be carried along. If you have Harley Davidson, than Harley softail saddlebags are very much recommended.

3)      Decide Which Specific Luggage Bag will Compliment Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles luggage consists of many Viking bags, which are fixed on different places on the motorcycle, so you should see that which particular bag seems to be complimenting the motorcycle even more that you should buy for your motor cycle.

Features to Examine While Opting For Kawasaki Saddlebags

If it’s been years since you last changed your saddlebag, you should head to the nearest motorcycle bags store and opt for a suitable, hip and somewhat flexible bag. Manufactured by the leading Japanese brand, Kawasaki saddlebags are equally popular amongst the middle aged and the young; amateurs as well as professionals. However, it would be mere absurdity to blindly rely on the brand’s repetitive assurances promoted through online advertisements.  As a diligent customer, you should have a rough outline of all the features that you want to possess. Some of these features are highlighted below.

1.  Bags Made From Pure Leather
Synthetic leather has a tendency to get scratched and damaged easily. Pure leather on the other hand can not only be dyed easily but also poses no problems whatsoever regarding the well-being of the outer surface. Due to these reasons, a Kawasaki saddlebag made of cowhide leather has the ability to last several years. Moreover, due to the firm external surface, Kawasaki bags do not crumple as a result of persistent use.
2.   Well-Fitted
In order to remain relaxed throughout the course of your journey, make sure that you purchase Kawasaki motorcycle saddlebags that serve as a perfect fit for your bike’s dimensions. Well-fitted bags will not generate a flapping sound throughout the riding process thereby contributing to a distraction-free ride. Moreover, for the purpose of convenience these saddlebags for Kawasaki can easily be mounted either at the rear or the back of the bike and can be dismounted just as easily.
3.  Reliable Security System
The market demand and validity of any motorcycle luggage depends on the quality of its locking system. All of you Kawasaki lovers out there will be thrilled to know that a Kawasaki bag has a reliable, foolproof security system that will guard your belongings in your absence.
4.  External Pockets for Additional Storage Space
All leather saddlebags manufactured by Kawasaki have small external pockets that are ideal for safekeeping of quick access items such as band-aids, cell phone, cell phone charger, match box or a butane lighter.
5.  Durable Straps and Quality Hardware
For increased durability, the hardware on Kawasaki hard saddlebags is made from weather resistant and rust resistant material. For instance, large chrome buckles along with stainless steel studs will increase the bag’s life by several years. Additionally, this gorgeous hardware will also serve to complement the gorgeous silver exterior of your motorcycle. Viking Saddle Bags for kawasaki can provide you enough room for taking much luggage with you while on a long trip.

Instructions for Installing Suzuki Saddlebag

Motorcycle luggage is necessary to have along with the motorcycle, which proves to be extremely helpful in organizing the biker’s belongings on motorcycle. But if motorcycle luggage bags are wrongly mounted they can be risky and can be a reason of accident as well. Instructions for installing Suzuki bags are given below:

Step # 1

Park your motorcycle on some leveled ground so that the whole procedure of installing Suzuki saddlebags can be carried out easily and smoothly. With the help of motorcycle stand lock the wheels. Switch of the engine and let it be cool, afterwards remove the biker’s seat as mentioned in reader’s manual of Suzuki motorcycle.

Step # 2

Remove the negative battery cable of your motorcycle. Using jack with wooden block at the top raise the motorcycle a bit how so that you will get a better space to work in a more appropriate and accurate way. Don’t forget to place the wood because it will protect your engine of suzuki motorcycle.

Step # 3

There is a shock mounting bolt on all sides of rear finder, which is needed to be removed with the help of ratchet. These bolts are present on outer side of fender. Removing this bolt will ease it up for you fix the saddlebag kit at the back of fender

Step # 4

Fix screws on fender for support, keep the bolts on their place with the help of hex key and put the docking point piece. Metal placer is needed to be placed on the bolt with a wrench which has one end opened. Once the entire procedure is done, repeat it on the other side of fender as well.

Step # 5

After the whole procedure is done on the both sides of the fender reinstallation of shock mounting bolt is needed to be done on each side of fender which will reconnect once again the shock absorber.

Step # 6

Lower and remove the jack and the wood.

Step # 7

After removing the jack, directly put in the Suzuki saddlebag with the support of fender.
Suzuki motorcycle saddlebags should be installed properly, one should be extremely careful in mounting and installing these Suzuki saddlebags for having a more comfortable and safe journey. For further details Click Here.