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Select Suitable Motorcycle Luggage for Your New Motorcycle

Have you recently bought a new motorcycle for yourself? It becomes a little difficult for a new owner of the motorcycle to decide what kind of quality motorcycle luggage he/she should use to carry luggage along with the motorcycle. There is available a large variety of motorcycle luggage n the market which are used by many bikers to fulfill their luggage carrying needs. Following are given some of the details of different types of motorcycle luggage which are easily available in the market:

Motorcycle Luggage Carrying Large Amounts of Luggage:

1)      Saddlebags Having Maximum Capacity:

Saddlebags are considered to be the most spacious motorcycle luggage bags available in the market. These bags are used in pair with a motorcycle. If you frequently make fun tours with your friends then these bags are the right choice as these protect your belongings for long duration of time. These bags are available in two types; hard saddlebags and the leather made motorcycle saddlebags. Both these bags are provided in beautiful exterior and robust body. You can carry precious belongings as well using these bags as these are provided with locking system.

2)      Sissy Bar Bags Making The Ride Convenient:

A sissy bar bag is attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle giving the motorcycle a beautiful appearance. These bags enable the rider to have a convenient ride during traveling because these bags can be used as a backrest during the ride. Furthermore these bags can be expanded whenever more than routine amount of luggage is to be carried along with the motorcycle.

3)      Motorcycle Trunks the Widely Adopted Motorcycle Luggage:

Motorcycle Trunks are attached with the luggage carrier or the back seat of the motorcycle. These bags also facilitate the rider to have a convenient ride as these can also be used as a back rest by attaching back pad with them. This motor cycle Luggage is available in robust hard body and is also capable to be locked.

Motorcycle Luggage Carrying Luggage in Small Amount:

1)      Swing Arm Bag a Stylish Addition to your Motorcycle:

Swing arm bags are attached with the swing arm of the motorcycle. This leather bag is available in beautiful exterior. You can carry your small sized belongings using these bags.

2)      Wind Shield Bags Carrying your Handheld Belongings:

A wind shield bag is placed on the wind shield of the motorcycle. You can keep your small belongings like mobile phone, key rings and note pads in this bags.

Being owner of a new motorcycle, you can select a suitable motorcycle luggage from the above mentioned viking saddle bags and other motorcycle bags.  To ensure durability try to choose the high quality bags.


Different Aspects of Motorcycle Jackets

Where motorcycle riding is an adventurous and delightful activity, it can also be a hazardous one if you are not following the proper security measures regarding your clothing during ride. Motorcycle apparels are made to provide required level of security to the rider. These apparels include jackets, pants & chaps, vests, gloves and lot more. The most commonly used apparels among these are Biker jackets. These jackets not only provide security to the upper body part of the rider but also add a dazzling look to the rider’s personality. A variety of these jackets is available in the market. If you make a search, you will find numerous styles of jackets made in different materials.

Following are given some details about the various aspects of motorcycle jackets:


1)      Functionality of jackets of different materials:

These motorcycle jackets are made in different materials like leather, nylon, polyester, denim, textile, vented and mesh. These materials provide different functionality in accordance with the weather conditions in which you have to ride. Leather Jackets can be used in matching with the leather made motor cycle luggage. Thick leather jackets are very useful to be worn in cold weather. However prefer not to wear leather jackets in rainy season as leather is not water proof and your jacket becomes heavy by absorbing water in it. Leather jackets can only be worn in hot days if they are provided with linings so you could remove the linings to make the jackets thin. Mesh and vented jackets are very suitable to be worn in summers because these jackets provide ventilation facility to the rider.


2)      Security Perspective of Jackets:

The main purpose of wearing a motorcycle jacket is security of the rider as the Viking saddle bags provide protection to your luggage. Thick Leather Jackets are the most secure jackets among all other types of jackets. Leather is a material with high resistance. It can prevail for long times and resists in case of getting scars during a road rash. Other types of motorcycle jackets are also useful if are used with security padding on the elbows. Jackets having reflective patches and colors increase the visibility of the rider on the road.


3)      Adds to the Personality also:

Motorcycle Jackets are available in a variety of designs and styles. You can select a jacket that suits best with your personality. These jackets have best fittings and are available in many sizes. Both the motorcycle jackets for men and motorcycle jackets for women are available in many colors.

The two types of Suzuki Saddlebags and their installation

Suzuki is one of the popular automobiles brands in the world. Suzuki motorcycles have beautiful exterior as well as these motorcycle are very convenient for long distant riding. To have a long distant ride on your motorcycle, one needs luggage to be carried along with. This luggage can be of any kind, ranging from the wearable things to some eatables. To carry such belongings during the ride, one should have motorcycle bags that are easily available in the markets. The most commonly used motorcycle bags are motorcycle saddlebags because these are available in pair and have enough space as compared to other motorcycle bags.

There are the following two types of durable Suzuki Saddlebags with their prescribed installation methods:


Suzuki Hard Saddlebags

Suzuki hard saddlebags are available in a variety of shapes and designs. You can have a matching hard bag for your Suzuki motorcycle. These bags are made from very strong material called as fiber glass. Fiber Glass is the toughest material providing the required level of protection to the luggage. The inner sides of hard bags have soft carpet covering which keeps the delicate things from getting hit to each other.  There are many features of hard saddlebags that prove them to be the right motor cycle luggage.


Installation of Suzuki Hard Saddlebags:

Hard Saddlebags look like an integrated part of a motorcycle because of their matching color scheme with that of the motorcycle as well as these are attached very strongly with the motorcycle. These Suzuki bags are usually installed using fix mounting method. Under this method the bags are attached to the motorcycle using bolts. Now hard bags are also available with the facility to be mounted through brackets which allows easily attachment and detachment of the hard bag.


Suzuki Leather Saddlebags:

Suzuki Leather bags are available in a variety of designs and shapes. These are the frequently used motor cycle luggage because of easily maintainable leather. These leather bags can be cleaned easily by using leather cleaners easily available in the market. You can retain the new look of your leather bag by polishing it on regular intervals. Due care of leather bags result in their long life. Moreover these saddlebags facilitate the rider to organize his/her small belongings by using the pockets mostly given at the outer side of the bags.

Installation of Suzuki Leather Saddlebags:

Leather bags can be installed by both the methods; fix mounting and throw over. It is very convenient to get your Viking leather saddlebags installed under throw over mounting method. Under this method the bag is attached to the motorcycle using brackets and facilitates the rider to easily detach the bag with in no time.

Merits and Demerits of Motorcycle Vest made of Leather

Motor cycle luggage is of utmost importance because it ensures the safety of belongings of the biker. On the other hand Motorcycle Apparels provide safety to the biker so are considered to have more importance than any other motorcycle related stuff. There are many kinds of motorcycle apparels that are readily available for the riders in the motorcycle stores. Some of these apparels have the brand names printed on them like pants and jackets etc. Although the whole motorcycle clothing looks stylish, but there are certain apparels which add style to the rider at full. Motorcycle Vest is one of the most stylish motorcycle apparels. Bikers like to wear vest due to its modern cuts and designs. Vests are wore equally by men and women who have their own motorcycles or somewhat ride on a motorcycle. The most common type of material used in vest is leather. Leather vest ensures both the stylish looks and secure ride on the motorcycle.

Following are some advantages and disadvantages of leather vests:


Below are given some advantages of leather vests:

  • Ensure essential protection:

These vests are available in variety of designs. Leather vests are made from bull hide or cow hide which proves to be very tough and stiff material. Vests made from leather give excellent results when it comes to security of the rider.

  • Can be maintained easily:  

Leather is a stuff that can be maintained very easily. You just have to keep polishing your leather vest. There are special types of polishes available in the market for leather fabrics. Use a high quality polish for your leather vest and you will have an ever new vest for longer period of times.

  • Best to be used in cold weather:

Leather vest is very suitable to be used in cold areas or you can wear your leather vest in case of riding in the evening when the air gets a little cold.

  • Are available in a variety of design:

Leather vests are available in many designs. You can have a vest with lace design or a zipped one. The most common colors in leather vests are black and brown. However these can be dyed in any color of your choice as leather can be dyed very easily. Motorcycle Vest for women is also easily available.



Below are given some disadvantages of leather vests:

  • Leather gets faded in hot Sun:

Leather is a stuff that loses its color when wore under very hot sun. If you want to keep the original color of your leather vest, you will have to avoid wearing it in very warm circumstances.

  • Can’t be worn in very hot weather:

You cannot wear your leather vest in summers because leather gets warmth very easily. Moreover leather vest are not breathable. So for a ride in summer, leather vest is not a wise choice.

  • Leather vest is not water proof:

You will have to face problems in rainy conditions if wearing a leather vest. The reason is that leather is a material that is not water proof and becomes heavy by absorbing water in it.

Above mentioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages of leather vest which should be kept in mind before going to purchase a one for you. To know more about this product please visit motorcyclehouse.com

Tips for Selecting the Right Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycle luggage is necessarily of biker to get along the motorcycle, because in their absence biker wouldn’t be able to manage his or her luggage on the motorcycle. Motorcycle luggage includes many items which are:

  • Sissy Bar Bags
  • Motorcycle Trunks
  • Swing Arm Bags
  • Motorcycle saddlebags
  • Tank bags
  • Panniers
  • Tool bags
  • Windshield bags
  • Tail bags
  • Backpacks

All these motorcycle bags are different in functions, shapes and sizes. One can get confused that which motorcycle bag out of the entire motor cycle luggage is the right one. There are some tips given below that can help you in deciding which is the right motorcycle bag for your motorcycle.

1)      Make List of Things that are Needed to be Carried Along

You need to make a list of the things that you will need to carry along in order to identify your requirement so that the motorcycle bag can be selected according to your need. Generally people carry medicines, tire gauge, tool kit, toiletries, weather gear etc. But this list of commodities varies from person to person and nature of trip.

2)      Identify the Motorcycle Bags that Meet Your Requirements

After getting the list of the required accessories now you need to check which motorcycle bags out of the entire motorcycles luggage matches best with your need. If you don’t have lots of things to carry than small motorcycle luggage like tank bag is just perfect for you. Mostly bikers go for motorcycle saddle bags as they are available for every bike and particularly for each model of all the motorcycles e.g. there are some best Harley motorcycle bags etc.

3)      Quality of motor cycle luggage

Once you have identifies your requirement and the identified which motorcycle luggage you need. Now while buying your required luggage you need to make sure that the luggage you select for your motorcycle is of good quality and is long lasting. If you want some more details you can visit http://www.motorcyclehouse.com/Motorcycle-Saddlebags.htm