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Harley Bags Giving your Harley Bike A Stunning Look

Harley Davidson is one of the famous automobile companies manufacturing motorcycles with dazzling and stunning looks. One riding a Harley Motorcycle feels like flying in the air due to the ultimate speed of this motorcycle. No doubt motorcycle riding is a kind of thrilling activity which riders love to do but sometimes you need some important things like a first aid box and some clothes in case you face an unpleasant situation. These things can only be carried through your motorcycle by means of using some kind of motorcycle luggage. There is a large variety of motorcycle luggage available in the market. Harley Bags for your Harley Motorcycle remove your headache for securely carriage of luggage. Following are given some of the Advantages of these best Harley Davidson Bags making them a favorite motorcycle luggage for Harley riders:

1)      Rider May Select from the Two Types:

These Harley Saddlebags are available in two functional types. If the rider wants to have a robust look of his or her motorcycle, he may then select hard bags made of fiber glass. These hard viking bags available in different colors and shapes provide an overall integrated look to the motorcycle as the rider can have a matching pair of these hard bags with the color of the motorcycle. The other kind of these bags is leather bags enabling the rider to have a decent and stylish look of the motorcycle at the same time.

2)      Enable the Rider to Have an Uninterrupted Ride:

The Sportster saddlebags enable the rider to have an uninterrupted ride because of the strong attachment of these bags with the motorcycle. The rider can have strong installation of these bags by using bolts. This type of installation of saddlebags is very helpful for traveling for long distances.

3)      Riders can Carry Luggage of All Types:

These saddlebags are very suitable to be used for carrying all kinds of luggage. These bags have number of inner compartments which can be used by the rider to keep different kinds of belongings. The inner rubber covering of the hard bags keep the delicate belongings of the saddlebags in safe custody. The outer pockets of the leather bags also facilitate the rider to keep small things like rider’s goggles, key chains and others.

4)      Provide Full Protection to the Luggage:

These Harley Bags enable the rider to keep the luggage in safe custody as these bags are provided with built-in locking systems. The locked Harley saddlebags make the ride convenient by keeping the rider in relaxed mood regarding the security of the valuable luggage.

One should take proper care of the leather made Harley bags for using them for longer period of time.

Harley Bags Enabling the Motorcycle to Have an Eye Catching Appearance

A large number of Harley Davidson motorcycles are owned by millions of bikers. It shows the popularity of these motorcycles among people. When one has to travel on a motorcycle, there are certain important belongings which are to be carried along with the motorcycle. These belongings can be some important documents, mobile phones, laptop, note pads and clothes in case if the rider has to make a long camping tour with friends. Harley Davidson Bags are best to carry all these kinds of belongings of the rider along with the motorcycle. These bags have all the characteristics that should be present in a useful motorcycle luggage. Following are some of the characteristics of these bags:

1)      Capable to Carry Maximum Luggage:

Due to availability in pairs, these motorcycle bags enable the rider to carry maximum amount of luggage along with him/her. The separate compartments and pockets of these saddlebags enable the rider to manage the luggage in organized manner. You can easily manage your small belongings in this way.

2)      Provide Maximum Protection to the Luggage:

These bags provide maximum protection to the carried luggage because these are made with strong and sturdy materials like leather, fiber glass and ABS plastic. The robust hard Viking bags made of fiber glass keep the delicate belongings safe from getting scratches. The inner soft covering of hard bags also protects the luggage from getting hit to the walls of the bags.

3)      Enable the Rider To Carry Precious Belongings Also:

These motorcycle bags are provided with locking system enabling the rider to carry precious belongings along with him/her. The hard saddlebags are provided with built-in locking systems. The leather saddlebags with sturdy look are also provided with locking mechanisms, these bags can be locked by using a separate lock by the rider. This lockable feature of this motorcycle luggage helps in keeping the valuable belongings safe from unauthorized access.

4)      Easily Changeable Saddlebags:

Good news for the bikers having variable moods! These saddlebags can be changed very conveniently as these can be attached with the motorcycle using disconnect brackets. It allows the rider to easily attach and detach the saddlebags from the motorcycle. If you want to change your saddlebags, you just have to pull out the old ones and put down the new hard saddlebags in the disconnect brackets. The leather bags are also provided with the throw over leather brackets.

To have durable Harley Saddlebags make sure that these are manufactured by a reputed company. Above mentioned are few of many features of the Harley bags. These bags are not only beneficial for carrying substantial amount of luggage but also give your motorcycle an eye catching appearance.

Leather Harley Davidson Bags-A Classic Addition to your Harley Motorcycle

Harley Davidson is considered one of the prestigious automobile companies. When a biker leaves home for a ride, he/she would require some of his/her important belongings to be carried along. Different types of motorcycle luggage are available in the market to facilitate the rider to carry belongings. Harley Davidson Bags are considered to be the top ranked bags for having an uninterrupted ride. A biker having saddlebags with his/her Harley motorcycle can carry maximum amounts of luggage along with. There are further two types of these saddlebags; hard saddlebags made of robust material and leather bags made of pure or synthetic leather. Both these bags are practically very convenient for carrying all kinds of luggage however there are some specific features of Leather Harley bags which distinguish them from other motorcycle bags:

1)      Leather bags with beautiful exterior:

Leather bags are provided with beautiful exterior having different designs and shapes. There are rust free studs and stain less steel buckles on the external covering of these bags. The classic look of these leather bags adds to the gorgeous appearance of Harley motorcycle.

2)      External Pockets:

These motorcycle saddlebags have many external pockets which facilitate the rider to keep his/her small belongings in an organized manner. Using these bags your belongings cannot be messed up.

3)      Soft look with Robust Interior:

Though these bags have leather exterior, the inner frame is made of strong material. Therefore these bags provide maximum protection to the luggage having a sturdy and strong interior. The inner metal structure enables the leather bag to retain a straight and sturdy look.

4)      Can be Installed in Two Ways:

These Viking bags can be installed by either way. You can use fixed mounting method in which the bags are attached to the motorcycle through bolts. The other mounting method is throw over in which the bags can be quickly attached to the motorcycle using brackets. These leather bags are provided with leather brackets for easy attachment and detachment of these bags.

5)      Available in Different Shapes:

These Harley Saddlebags are available in variety of shapes. The most common shapes are slanted and cubic. You can have a pair of saddlebags which suits best to the exterior of your motorcycle.

The above mentioned are some of the bright features of Harley Saddlebags made of leather. Always select a high quality motorcycle bag to ensure that it is made from genuine leather. To know more about harley davidson bags Click Here.

Harley Saddlebags- some unique characteristics

Harley Motorcycles are the gorgeous means of motorcycle riding. One having a Harley motorcycle has his/her dream in reality. All the series of Harley motorcycles are matchless for their exteriors and powerful engine. Once you ride any of the Harley motorcycles, you will surely become a fan of its smooth ride. When it comes to motorcycle riding, one has to carry luggage with him/herself. The amount of luggage to be carried depends on the type of tour one is going to have. If it is multi day tour then the rider will certainly need to carry large quantity of luggage. For carrying large amounts of luggage along with the motorcycle, Harley bag is best for your Harley motorcycle. There are many types of saddlebags available in the market having variable prices. Following are given some of the characteristics of Harley bags:


The two types of Harley bags:

There are two types of Harley Bags easily available in the market. One is the hard bag having an exterior made of fiber glass and the other is leather saddlebags which have exterior made of leather. Both these saddlebags are very practical in providing the required level of security to the carried luggage. These bags are also available in beautiful designs. You can have a saddlebag that looks compatible with the looks of your Harley motorcycle.


Are spacious ones:

These bags are very spacious for carrying large amounts of luggage. As these bags are used in two with the motorcycle, so you can carry maximum luggage if you have these Viking bags attached with your motorcycle.


Easily removable:

These saddlebags can be easily detached from the motorcycle by installing them through throw over mounting method. The leather saddlebags are provided with leather brackets for instant attachment and detachment with the motorcycle. Similarly the hard bags are attached using disconnect brackets which help in easy removal of these bags from the motorcycle. It saves the time and effort of the rider.


Strongly attached Saddle bags:

These saddlebags can be strongly attached to the motorcycle through bolts. This is called fixed mounting method. Fixed installation of these bags ensures smooth traveling on the motorcycle. The rider does not get any disturbance during traveling regarding the sudden detachment of bags from motorcycle.


Above mentioned are some of the characteristics of the Harley motorcycle bags which can be attached with the motorcycle. Be cautious before going on a ride; tighten the bolts of the fixed saddlebags to avoid any accident during the ride.

Multiple Uses of Harley saddlebags

A motorcyclist having Harley motorcycle can turn his face anywhere to travel, which can be traveling to long distances or short distances. However the distance is, either short or long, biker will require carrying things along with him. Generally bikers are able to carry only those things which can be accommodated in the pockets of motorcycle jackets, vests or motor cycle pants. But the biker might need to carry bigger things along with him. This apparently seems to be impossible because motorcycle doesn’t offer any storing space. But this is practically possible by having Harley saddlebags.

Multiple Ways in Which Harley Davidson Bags Serve

Harley motorcycle bags are not used for one or two purposes only; there are many uses of these extraordinary motorcycle bags.

1)      Harley Davidson Saddlebags Prove to be Helpful in Case of Accidents

While traveling on motorcycle the chances of risks are very high, so one should travel with all the endorsement. These Harley Davidson bags easily accommodate first aid kit in them, which can be useful if you face any mishaps or minor injuries.

2)      Harley Bags are Perfect to Accommodate Big and Small Things

There is no doubt in this that Harley motorcycle saddlebags are of various designs, styles and sizes. The sizes are available to fulfill everyone’s requirement. If you generally carry big things along e.g. rain jackets, umbrellas, extra helmets etc than there are durable Harley sportster bags of bigger size. If you don’t like carrying such big things and prefer carrying small things only, than saddlebags for Harley of your required size are also available that would be ample to meet your needs.

3)      Harley Saddlebags Safeguard Your Luggage

These specialized Viking bags are designed to safeguard your entire luggage saved in them. These Harley saddlebags protect all of your things saved in them from weathers, jerks, being stolen and other things. They are just the right solution for your luggage’s protection on motorcycle.

Why to Have Secure Harley Saddlebags?

A major distress while being on the motorcycle is the protection and security of the biker’s  luggage. It. Motorcycle is a completely different vehicle than any other vehicles e.g. car in while one can keep all the things safe and secure by locking but the scenario is different in the case of motorcycle because no such space and locking is available in motorcycle. So whenever one has to purchase best Harley bags it should be made confirm that these bags have proper secure locking system which can promise the safety of your luggage.

Importance of Luggage Security

  • Luggage security can never be ignored. In case of having no proper locking system the biker can’t travel comfortably with mind free of tensions on the motorcycle. It’s not at all safe to travel to travel with no security because the luggage can be stolen. But one needs to be careful while choosing the Harley Davidson bags because the market is packed up with local manufacturers which can easily fool people around.
  • The best way of purchasing these bags to avoid all these problems is to buy the branded Harley saddlebags because they would be genuinely original Harley motorcycle bags and 100% guarantee the security of biker’s belongings stored in them. Harley Davidson viking saddlebags have built in locking system that is very reliable.
  • If one seeks for local saddle bags for missing Harley Davidson motorcycle, it might have a locking system but it would be external lock which is put on by zipping the bags. But this lock is not secure because it can be broken anytime. Harley sportster saddlebags have very special and consistent lock promising security of your entire luggage.
  • In case of having no Harley motorcycle saddlebags, the biker will have to stay around the motorcycle for the sake of looking after the luggage, because he or she will have fear about the luggage getting stolen.