Harley Bags Enabling the Motorcycle to Have an Eye Catching Appearance

A large number of Harley Davidson motorcycles are owned by millions of bikers. It shows the popularity of these motorcycles among people. When one has to travel on a motorcycle, there are certain important belongings which are to be carried along with the motorcycle. These belongings can be some important documents, mobile phones, laptop, note pads and clothes in case if the rider has to make a long camping tour with friends. Harley Davidson Bags are best to carry all these kinds of belongings of the rider along with the motorcycle. These bags have all the characteristics that should be present in a useful motorcycle luggage. Following are some of the characteristics of these bags:

1)      Capable to Carry Maximum Luggage:

Due to availability in pairs, these motorcycle bags enable the rider to carry maximum amount of luggage along with him/her. The separate compartments and pockets of these saddlebags enable the rider to manage the luggage in organized manner. You can easily manage your small belongings in this way.

2)      Provide Maximum Protection to the Luggage:

These bags provide maximum protection to the carried luggage because these are made with strong and sturdy materials like leather, fiber glass and ABS plastic. The robust hard Viking bags made of fiber glass keep the delicate belongings safe from getting scratches. The inner soft covering of hard bags also protects the luggage from getting hit to the walls of the bags.

3)      Enable the Rider To Carry Precious Belongings Also:

These motorcycle bags are provided with locking system enabling the rider to carry precious belongings along with him/her. The hard saddlebags are provided with built-in locking systems. The leather saddlebags with sturdy look are also provided with locking mechanisms, these bags can be locked by using a separate lock by the rider. This lockable feature of this motorcycle luggage helps in keeping the valuable belongings safe from unauthorized access.

4)      Easily Changeable Saddlebags:

Good news for the bikers having variable moods! These saddlebags can be changed very conveniently as these can be attached with the motorcycle using disconnect brackets. It allows the rider to easily attach and detach the saddlebags from the motorcycle. If you want to change your saddlebags, you just have to pull out the old ones and put down the new hard saddlebags in the disconnect brackets. The leather bags are also provided with the throw over leather brackets.

To have durable Harley Saddlebags make sure that these are manufactured by a reputed company. Above mentioned are few of many features of the Harley bags. These bags are not only beneficial for carrying substantial amount of luggage but also give your motorcycle an eye catching appearance.

Indian and Triumph Saddlebags the Widely Adopted Motorcycle Luggage

Indian motorcycles and Triumph motorcycles are considered as one of the widely used motorcycles around the globe. These motorcycles are famous for their beautiful appearance. There are many reasons for having these motorcycles. A rider needs some type of motorcycle luggage along with a motorcycle as a motorcycle does not provide space for carrying luggage along with the rider. The adoption of a particular type of motorcycle luggage depends on the requirement of the rider to carry a certain amount of belongings. The most commonly adopted motorcycle luggage for an Indian and a Triumph motorcycle is Indian Saddlebags and Triumph Saddlebags. These leather made bags are made available in variety of designs. Following are given some of the combine characteristics of Indian saddlebags and Triumph saddlebags made of leather:


1)      Have Beautiful Designs:

These motorcycle bags are available in beautiful designs and styles. These conventional leather bags have laces, buckles and studs on them. These bags give a classic look to the motorcycle and grab the attention of others towards their eye catching appearance. These bags are mostly used in cubic and slanted shapes and can be used in any style that suits with the appearance of the motorcycle.


2)      Support Organized Luggage Management:

These bags have many outer pockets which enable the rider to keep his/her different sized belongings. A rider can keep his/her small belongings like key chains, note pads and mobiles phones in these pockets. Therefore Indian and Triumph bags help the rider in managing the luggage in an organized way. It saves both the time and effort of the rider because the belongings do not mess up as they are kept in an organized manner.


3)      Easily Maintainable Motorcycle Bags:

These motorcycle bags are easily maintainable as leather is a material capable to be cleaned easily. The leather products available in the market include leather cleaners, conditioners, soaps and detergents. All these products are used to keep the leather bags safe from getting dry and obsolete in shorter periods of time thus increasing the durability of these Viking saddlebags bags.


4)      Quick Throw Over Installation:

Both these bags can be installed very easily using throw over mounting method. In this method the bags are installed on the motorcycles using throw over brackets. Due to which these bags save the time of the rider in their easy attachment and detachment from the motorcycle.


Above mentioned characteristics ensure that the Indian as well as Triumph Saddlebag is the most suitable motorcycle luggage for your Indian and Triumph motorcycles respectively.

Points to be Considered before Purchasing Victory Bags

Victory motorcycles are famous for their stylish exterior. An adventurous ride on a victory motorcycle may require some of the belongings of the rider to carry along him/her. There are available many motorcycle bags for carrying rider’s belongings. The selection of these bags depends on the choice of the rider however it is useful to have Victory bags which are available in two prominent types; leather and hard. Following are given some suggestions for purchasing a right kind of Victory saddlebags:

1)      Check for the Size of the Saddlebags:

A rider should select saddlebags according to the Size of the motorcycle. There are available different types of the motorcycles. Some motorcycles are very light weight on the other hand some are heavy duty bikes. Very large saddlebags do not go well with light weight motorcycles.

2)      Choose the Saddlebags according to Luggage Carrying Need:

Always go for the saddlebags which you think are the best suited for carrying the required amount of your luggage. If you want to carry enough amount of luggage, select large saddlebags to be able to carry extra amount of luggage whenever required. Swing Arm Bags are useful if the rider has to carry just a few small belongings.

3)      Choose the Type According to the Motorcycle’s Appearance:

The appearance of the motorcycle matters very much in the selection of a these saddlebags. The leather made bags give a classic look of your motorcycle On the Other Hand the Hard bags are famous for their built in locking systems. These bags look like an integrated part of the motorcycle.

4)      Fully Understand the Installation method at the Time of Purchase:

It is necessary to understand the types of installation of these Victory Saddle Bags. The installation guide is also provided with these saddlebags. Both types of these bags i.e. hard bags and leather bags are capable to be installed under both installation methods.  The fixed mounting method is very useful if you want to have a long distant traveling along with hard bags. On the other hand the quick throw over mounting is very useful to be used for facilitating the rider with time saving.

5)      Lockable Saddlebags Provide Maximum Protection:

These Viking Saddle Bags are provided with locking mechanisms which enable these bags to provide maximum protection to the carried belongings. Thus having these bags, a rider can move away from the motorcycle carrying precious belongings.

Always try to have good quality saddlebags to ensure their durability.

Yamaha Saddlebags-The Most Suitable Motorcycle Luggage

“I want to have a Yamaha motorcycle”, this is the wish of one of the three bike lovers. This motorcycle can simply be called as a perfect motorcycle enabling the rider to enjoy the ride in all circumstances. Whether you want to have a long adventurous ride with a couple of friends or just want to have a short distant ride to kill the time, there is always need for carrying some important belongings along with the motorcycle. No doubt we live in an era where anything can be bought during traveling but still there are some personal belongings which cannot be alternated with other thing of the same kind. So a biker certainly needs some kind of motorcycle luggage to carry his/her valuable luggage along with. Best Yamaha Saddlebags are the most secure means of carriage.

Following are some of the characteristics of these saddlebags:

1)      Suitable for All Types of Riding:

These saddlebags are suitable for all kinds of riding. These bags can be attached with the motorcycle in two ways; fixed and throw over. For having a long distant traveling saddlebags are attached using fixed mounting method ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted ride. For having conveniently attaching and detaching stylish Yamaha bags, now are available disconnect brackets.

2)       Easy Luggage Management:

These bags enable the rider to carry small sized belongings in an organized manner. The leather bags are usually provided with external pocket for keeping mobile phone and other small belongings. The inner compartments of hard bags can be used to  separately keep different types of luggage in one place. Thus the rider can conveniently carry all types of belongings using these bags.

3)      Maintain Motorcycle’s Balance:

These vikingbags are used in pair and are attached on either side of the motorcycle. If you carry luggage in equal quantity in these bags, it keep the motorcycle in a balanced position during the ride.

4)      Hard Bags Seem an Integral Part:

The hard Yamaha bags are used in same color as of the motorcycle so these bags look like an integrated part of the motorcycle and add to the beautiful appearance of your motorcycle. You can also re-color the hard bags as and when required.

The above mentioned characteristics of Yamaha Saddlebags prove them to be very suitable motorcycle luggage. To enjoy all the useful features of these motorcycle saddle bags it is essential have quality bags which can be bought from reputed dealers.

Leather Harley Davidson Bags-A Classic Addition to your Harley Motorcycle

Harley Davidson is considered one of the prestigious automobile companies. When a biker leaves home for a ride, he/she would require some of his/her important belongings to be carried along. Different types of motorcycle luggage are available in the market to facilitate the rider to carry belongings. Harley Davidson Bags are considered to be the top ranked bags for having an uninterrupted ride. A biker having saddlebags with his/her Harley motorcycle can carry maximum amounts of luggage along with. There are further two types of these saddlebags; hard saddlebags made of robust material and leather bags made of pure or synthetic leather. Both these bags are practically very convenient for carrying all kinds of luggage however there are some specific features of Leather Harley bags which distinguish them from other motorcycle bags:

1)      Leather bags with beautiful exterior:

Leather bags are provided with beautiful exterior having different designs and shapes. There are rust free studs and stain less steel buckles on the external covering of these bags. The classic look of these leather bags adds to the gorgeous appearance of Harley motorcycle.

2)      External Pockets:

These motorcycle saddlebags have many external pockets which facilitate the rider to keep his/her small belongings in an organized manner. Using these bags your belongings cannot be messed up.

3)      Soft look with Robust Interior:

Though these bags have leather exterior, the inner frame is made of strong material. Therefore these bags provide maximum protection to the luggage having a sturdy and strong interior. The inner metal structure enables the leather bag to retain a straight and sturdy look.

4)      Can be Installed in Two Ways:

These Viking bags can be installed by either way. You can use fixed mounting method in which the bags are attached to the motorcycle through bolts. The other mounting method is throw over in which the bags can be quickly attached to the motorcycle using brackets. These leather bags are provided with leather brackets for easy attachment and detachment of these bags.

5)      Available in Different Shapes:

These Harley Saddlebags are available in variety of shapes. The most common shapes are slanted and cubic. You can have a pair of saddlebags which suits best to the exterior of your motorcycle.

The above mentioned are some of the bright features of Harley Saddlebags made of leather. Always select a high quality motorcycle bag to ensure that it is made from genuine leather. To know more about harley davidson bags Click Here.

Motorcycle Jackets for Women-Some Suggestions at the Time of Purchase

Motorcycle riding is not confined to only men, lot of women are also fond of motorcycle riding. Keeping into consideration women riders, women motorcycle apparels are also available in wide variety in the market. These apparels include women jackets for motorcycle   , pants, vests, gloves and lot more. All these apparels are of utmost importance to be worn during a motorcycle ride however motorcycle jackets are considered at the top of the list. The reason is jacket keeps the upper body part of the rider secure during the ride. It becomes very difficult to choose a perfect motorcycle jacket from a wide variety. For the ease of the rider following are given some suggestions which should be considered to have a perfect women motorcycle jacket:

1)      Be Sure About the Rightly Sized Jacket:

Before deciding to have a particular jacket, make sure that it is of the right size according to your body. The sleeves of the jackets should be of full length, the length of the jacket should not be too short or too long. Jackets with a feature to be attached to the motorcycle pant are now available in the market. If you want to ride a motorcycle, these attachable motorcycles Jackets are the best choice.



2)      Fitting of the Jacket should be Perfect:

Fitting of the motorcycle jacket is very important to be considered in respect of having a comfortable ride. If you are wearing a very tight motorcycle jacket, it might become a cause of distraction during the ride. On the other hand, fitting must be loosening to an extent that allows you to wear some warm cloths under the jacket during traveling in winters or cold areas.

3)      Choose Material Which could be Worn in all Weather Conditions:

Leather jackets are the commonly used motorcycle jackets just like the leather made Viking Bags. There are other materials also, like nylon, polyester and plastic etc. You can select a leather jacket with removable linings. These linings enable the rider to wear this jacket in all seasons. During summers the linings can be removed to have a thin leather jackets and the reverse can be done in winters.

4)      Prefer a Secure Jacket over Stylish One:

The main purpose of wearing a motorcycle jacket is to have a secure drive just like best motorcycle luggage used to securely carry belongings of the rider. Although a variety of stylish motorcycle jackets are available in the market but priority should be given to security first than to the stylish looks. However there are many jackets which combine style and security in the same product. To know more about these products dont forget to visit www.motorcyclehouse.com/motorcycle-jackets.htm


Swing Arm Bags with some prominent features

Sometime the motorcycle rider has to carry some small belongings along with the motorcycle. The motorcycle itself doesn’t provide any space even for the small belongings to carry along. There are many motorcycle bags available in the markets which are used for different purposes. Among these bags is the swing arm bag. These bags are used to keep the small to average sized belongings of the rider. As is shown by the name, it is attached to the swing arm of the motorcycle and can be carried along the biker by attaching shoulder strap with it.

Following are some of the prominent features of Swing Arm bags showing these bags very useful:


1)      Leather made Exterior:

Swing Arm bags are made of pure or synthetic leather material which gives these bags classic look. Being made of leather, these bags are very durable and can be used for longer periods of time as compared to material other than leather. It is because genuine leather is made from bull hide and cow hide and is the stiffest of all the other material. It has high resistance power which makes leather made bags long lasting.


2)      Availability in different styles:

These motorcycle luggage bags are available at the motorcycle stores in a variety of shapes and styles. You can have a pane bag, a studded one or a bag having stain less steel buckles on it.


3)      Dual usage of the bag:

The rider after reaching his/her destination can carry this bag on his/her shoulder. The shoulder strap is also provided with the bag. So you can use this bag both as a motorcycle luggage bag as well as a shoulder bag for keeping your important belongings along with yourself.


4)      Easily Maintainable:

Just like the Viking saddle bags, swing arm bags are also very easy to maintain. The leather made exterior of the bag can be kept clean by using a mild soap. There are many leather products available in the market especially made to keep the leather alive for longer time periods. Using such products can keep the leather soft and durable for many years.


5)      Retains its Shape:

Swing Arm Bags have internal robust structure due to which these bags retain their shape during their usage. The internal frame made of strong plastic keeps these bags safe from sagging.


Above mentioned are some of the characteristics of swing arm bags. One should be cautious in purchasing the motorcycle bags. Always purchase genuine leather bags from reputed dealers. http://www.vikingbags.com/Motorcycle-Luggage.htm

Different Aspects of Motorcycle Jackets

Where motorcycle riding is an adventurous and delightful activity, it can also be a hazardous one if you are not following the proper security measures regarding your clothing during ride. Motorcycle apparels are made to provide required level of security to the rider. These apparels include jackets, pants & chaps, vests, gloves and lot more. The most commonly used apparels among these are Biker jackets. These jackets not only provide security to the upper body part of the rider but also add a dazzling look to the rider’s personality. A variety of these jackets is available in the market. If you make a search, you will find numerous styles of jackets made in different materials.

Following are given some details about the various aspects of motorcycle jackets:


1)      Functionality of jackets of different materials:

These motorcycle jackets are made in different materials like leather, nylon, polyester, denim, textile, vented and mesh. These materials provide different functionality in accordance with the weather conditions in which you have to ride. Leather Jackets can be used in matching with the leather made motor cycle luggage. Thick leather jackets are very useful to be worn in cold weather. However prefer not to wear leather jackets in rainy season as leather is not water proof and your jacket becomes heavy by absorbing water in it. Leather jackets can only be worn in hot days if they are provided with linings so you could remove the linings to make the jackets thin. Mesh and vented jackets are very suitable to be worn in summers because these jackets provide ventilation facility to the rider.


2)      Security Perspective of Jackets:

The main purpose of wearing a motorcycle jacket is security of the rider as the Viking saddle bags provide protection to your luggage. Thick Leather Jackets are the most secure jackets among all other types of jackets. Leather is a material with high resistance. It can prevail for long times and resists in case of getting scars during a road rash. Other types of motorcycle jackets are also useful if are used with security padding on the elbows. Jackets having reflective patches and colors increase the visibility of the rider on the road.


3)      Adds to the Personality also:

Motorcycle Jackets are available in a variety of designs and styles. You can select a jacket that suits best with your personality. These jackets have best fittings and are available in many sizes. Both the motorcycle jackets for men and motorcycle jackets for women are available in many colors.

Harley Saddlebags- some unique characteristics

Harley Motorcycles are the gorgeous means of motorcycle riding. One having a Harley motorcycle has his/her dream in reality. All the series of Harley motorcycles are matchless for their exteriors and powerful engine. Once you ride any of the Harley motorcycles, you will surely become a fan of its smooth ride. When it comes to motorcycle riding, one has to carry luggage with him/herself. The amount of luggage to be carried depends on the type of tour one is going to have. If it is multi day tour then the rider will certainly need to carry large quantity of luggage. For carrying large amounts of luggage along with the motorcycle, Harley bag is best for your Harley motorcycle. There are many types of saddlebags available in the market having variable prices. Following are given some of the characteristics of Harley bags:


The two types of Harley bags:

There are two types of Harley Bags easily available in the market. One is the hard bag having an exterior made of fiber glass and the other is leather saddlebags which have exterior made of leather. Both these saddlebags are very practical in providing the required level of security to the carried luggage. These bags are also available in beautiful designs. You can have a saddlebag that looks compatible with the looks of your Harley motorcycle.


Are spacious ones:

These bags are very spacious for carrying large amounts of luggage. As these bags are used in two with the motorcycle, so you can carry maximum luggage if you have these Viking bags attached with your motorcycle.


Easily removable:

These saddlebags can be easily detached from the motorcycle by installing them through throw over mounting method. The leather saddlebags are provided with leather brackets for instant attachment and detachment with the motorcycle. Similarly the hard bags are attached using disconnect brackets which help in easy removal of these bags from the motorcycle. It saves the time and effort of the rider.


Strongly attached Saddle bags:

These saddlebags can be strongly attached to the motorcycle through bolts. This is called fixed mounting method. Fixed installation of these bags ensures smooth traveling on the motorcycle. The rider does not get any disturbance during traveling regarding the sudden detachment of bags from motorcycle.


Above mentioned are some of the characteristics of the Harley motorcycle bags which can be attached with the motorcycle. Be cautious before going on a ride; tighten the bolts of the fixed saddlebags to avoid any accident during the ride.

Motorcycle Luggage-Two Commonly used Types

Motorcycle is considered as one of the adventurous means of traveling. Ride on your motorcycle and go anywhere you want to. Where there is an ease to ride on a motorcycle, there are also some demerits of it. You have to wear proper security clothing for riding a motorcycle because motorcycle is not a secure ride as compared to cars and covered vehicles. In case if the motorcycle rider faces any accident, he/she could get serious injuries in case he/she is not wearing motorcycle apparels. Moreover motorcycle does not provide any space for carrying luggage along with. For this purpose the rider has to use motorcycle luggage which is available in the market in a large variety.

Following are brief descriptions about the characteristics and functionality of the two commonly used motorcycle luggage bags:


Sissy Bar bags:

Sissy Bar bag is attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle. These bags are very convenient to be used because these bags can be expanded with the help of straps as well as serve as a back rest for the other person on the motorcycle. Wheels can also be attached to these bags for easy mobility. These bags can also be used as shoulder bags by attaching shoulder straps with them. The opening of the bag is made horizontal for easily taking the things in and out of the bag. These vikingbags are also provided with a number of compartments and separations helping in keeping the small things in an organized manner. These bags are very durable and can be easily attached and detached from the motorcycle whenever required.

Motorcycle Saddlebags:

Motorcycle Saddlebags are used in pairs and are the widely used motorcycle luggage. These bags enable the biker to carry large amount of luggage along with him/her. These bags are compatible with motorcycles of all brands like Kawasaki bags are available for Kawasaki motorcycles and Honda bags for Honda motorcycles. Some of the Saddlebags have universal fitting means these bags can be used with motorcycles of all brands. These bags have two main types; Leather bags and hard bags. Leather bags are made of pure or synthetic leather. These bags have external pockets and also come with throw over leather brackets which help in easy removal of these bags from the motorcycle. The Hard Bags are made of fiber glass having very strong exterior. These can be attached to the motorcycle using disconnect brackets.

Above mentioned are the two most widely adopted types of motorcycle luggage. Before purchasing motor cycle luggage of any type make sure that these are of high quality and the seller is of good reputation.